Why ‘Natural Explore Trek’ for your vacation?

In short, Natural Explore trek is one of the popular travel company in Nepal. Thus, it is offering travel services to all the people in the world. It presents not only exciting but also adventurous destination to explore and provide the highest level of services to personnel, and an institution as well. We are proud

‘Teej’ festival of Nepal

Teej is one and only the festivals that are celebrated by all the Nepali Hindu women all across the world which is also named as ‘Hartalika Teej’. It is celebrated in monsoon season primarily by girls and women’s by singing songs, dancing, dressing up with henna colored hands and feet, wearing red ,green or yellow

Haunted Places in Nepal

As we talk about ghost we see different images of ghost according to story we have heard and ghost movies we have watched. There is a worldwide debate in the topic ‘existence of Ghost’. There are lot numbers of people who believe in ghost around the world and some of them claim even being haunted

Adventure holidays in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia. Nepal has a diverse geography with fertile plains, sub alpine forested hills. Eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains including Mount Everest the highest point on the earth.  Adventure holidays in Nepal is the best option for those wanting to explore the nature and culture

Taste of Nepal

Food is a primary need of every living creature. In addition, Nepal is always a welcoming nation for the art of culinary cuisines. Experience the local test of food of Nepal it is as tasty as the test of restaurants and hotels. All the travelers who want a genuine taste of Nepali food should not

Why you need to Visit Pokhara?

Pokhara is at an altitude of 827m above the sea level and 200km to the west of Kathmandu. Furthermore,  Pokhara is right next to Kathmandu in tourist destination list. In fact, this region has beautiful lakes and places to visit and rest. We are accompanied by mesmeric Fewa Lake, Barahi temple, World Peace Pagoda, Begnas